The Missing Remnants – Press Release 1 (Releases Official Trailer and Website)


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The Missing Remnants – Releases Official Trailer and Website

AnyTek Productions announces the release of the official trailer and website of The Missing Remnants, a short psychological horror/thriller which was funded using and filmed in Paris, France and Frankfurt, Germany over 12 days in August 2012. The film  stars French actress Morgane Housset, French actor Cédric Samson and is written and directed by Killer Film Fest’s own festival director Michael Vallier II.

Plot Outline
How can a little girl live a normal life after witnessing her father slaughter his own family right before her eyes? For Rachelle, the years that followed were everything but normal as this tragedy created something dangerous deep inside.

After receiving news that her father will soon be released only serving 16 years out of a 25 year sentence, Rachelle plans to confront her past with the barrel of a gun.


Official Trailer


Official Website


The idea for The Missing Remnants started back in April 2012 after the newly developed “NOE Film Group” wanted to take on their next project. The NOE Film Group is a group of filmmakers and film lovers in Frankfurt, Germany started by Michael Vallier II. Michael is an American independent film Producer and Director living in Frankfurt, and between 2009-2011 he was unable to work on any productions. After those 2 dry years, he began to get the “itch” to dive back into filmmaking so he made a post at the office looking for likeminded filmmakers and/or people just interested in learning about filmmaking. With an overwhelming response, the NOE Film Group was formed in May 2011 and The Missing Remnants is their second film.

Michael is a big fan of horror, psychological thrillers and dark dramas. In post-production of the NOE Film Group’s first film The Race of Death, he noticed that one of the background extras, Cédric Samson, had an interesting look on camera and he knew that he needed to use him in the next film. As Cédric is French, this gave Michael the idea to contact Morgane Housset, a professional French actress living in Paris who won Best Actress in 2010 at his film festival Killer Film Fest. Cédric and Morgane together made a great image of father and daughter and with the desire to make a serious film, the story started to write its self.

As both lead actors are native French speakers, Michael decided to take a big risk and the even bigger challenge of directing this film in French. The drama between the characters is so intense that it needed to flow naturally and not forced in English. This would have diluted the emotions and weakened the story overall. As Michael does not speak French, this became the biggest challenge he has ever faced with any production in his career.

After the completion of shooing in the end of August 2012, the film went right into post-production with editors Michael Phillips and Norman Hollyn from 24P Films in the US. The music composition and sound design is being handled by Lutz Munka and Benedikt Grosser in Frankfurt, Germany which makes this an international production.

The Missing Remnants is looking at a January or February 2013 release in Frankfurt, Germany, a later release in Paris, France and film festival screenings worldwide throughout 2013/14. For more information about the film, please join us at any of the following links:

Official Site

For additional information, please contact Michael Vallier II by phone at 617-391-8001 or by e-mail at

Official Movie Poster

The Missing Remnants Movie Poster

The Official Movie Poster of “The Missing Remnants”

The official movie poster is now complete and more promotional graphics are in the works!!!

This poster will be available in different sizes in 2013.
Small: 11×17
Large: 27×40

Check back to the official website or our facebook page for updated information as it is available.

Mike Altmann as Dr. Lambert

Mike Altmann
Dr. Lambert
Born in Berlin in January 1937, Mike was snatched to safety in late 1938 and spent WW2 in England. While still a teenager, he discovered in himself powers of clairvoyance (producing certainty as to the constant existence of a parallel world of spirits), which he understood he would simply have to hide or else be judged a crank. That need for concealment has meant that, throughout his life, he has always endeavored to be seen to engage in practical (as opposed to spiritual) matters.

The owner of four university degrees and diplomas (including an MBA from Harvard Business School), Mike has worked in nine countries, has taught for the University of Maryland, has served as a sergeant in an army and can communicate reasonably in nine languages. As an Assistant Vice President at a major American bank, he made a quite disastrous long foray into the financing of feature film production (something that a commercial bank should avoid like the plague), and enjoyed the experience enormously.

As from the early 1980s, he began appearing in movies (initially only advertising and industrial films, and then also a couple of features), but subsequently trained to become a teacher of yoga and thereupon abandoned every other field of activity. More recently, he has returned to the world of cinema, participating in production and contriving for himself small supporting roles in nine feature films. Acting, it turns out, affords him more pleasure than any work that he has tried his hand at. His pages (“Mike Altmann”) on the website are thus not surprisingly filling up with inordinate speed.

Contact Information

  • US Phone: 617-391-8001 German: 0151/23552225


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