Mike Altmann as Dr. Lambert

Mike Altmann
Dr. Lambert
Born in Berlin in January 1937, Mike was snatched to safety in late 1938 and spent WW2 in England. While still a teenager, he discovered in himself powers of clairvoyance (producing certainty as to the constant existence of a parallel world of spirits), which he understood he would simply have to hide or else be judged a crank. That need for concealment has meant that, throughout his life, he has always endeavored to be seen to engage in practical (as opposed to spiritual) matters.

The owner of four university degrees and diplomas (including an MBA from Harvard Business School), Mike has worked in nine countries, has taught for the University of Maryland, has served as a sergeant in an army and can communicate reasonably in nine languages. As an Assistant Vice President at a major American bank, he made a quite disastrous long foray into the financing of feature film production (something that a commercial bank should avoid like the plague), and enjoyed the experience enormously.

As from the early 1980s, he began appearing in movies (initially only advertising and industrial films, and then also a couple of features), but subsequently trained to become a teacher of yoga and thereupon abandoned every other field of activity. More recently, he has returned to the world of cinema, participating in production and contriving for himself small supporting roles in nine feature films. Acting, it turns out, affords him more pleasure than any work that he has tried his hand at. His pages (“Mike Altmann”) on the IMDb.com website are thus not surprisingly filling up with inordinate speed.

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